import rrdtool
 rrdtool.create('/tmp/test.rrd', 'DS:foo:GAUGE:20:0:U')


The rrdtool functions are directly callable via the Python programming language. This wrapper implementation has been written from the scratch (without SWIG)

The API expects strings and/or a list of strings as parameters to the functions. Please refer to the other rrdtool documentation for functions and valid arguments.


Example 1

 import sys
 import rrdtool, tempfile

 DAY = 86400
 YEAR = 365 * DAY
 fd,path = tempfile.mkstemp('.png')

              '--imgformat', 'PNG',
              '--width', '540',
              '--height', '100',
              '--start', "-%i" % YEAR,
              '--end', "-1",
              '--vertical-label', 'Downloads/Day',
              '--title', 'Annual downloads',
              '--lower-limit', '0',

 info = rrdtool.info('downloads.rrd')
 print info['last_update']
 print info['ds[downloads].minimal_heartbeat']

Example 2

 import sys
 import rrdtool

 # in real life data_sources would be populated in loop or something similar
 data_sources=[ 'DS:speed1:COUNTER:600:U:U',
                'DS:speed3:COUNTER:600:U:U' ]

 rrdtool.create( 'speed.rrd',
                 '--start', '920804400',
                 'RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:6:10' )

If you use the site-python-install make target you can drop to first sys.path.append line since the RRDtool module will be available everywhere.

If RRDtool runs into trouble, it will throw an exception which you might want to catch.


rrdcreate, rrdupdate, rrdgraph, rrddump, rrdfetch, rrdtune, rrdlast, rrdxport, rrdinfo


Hye-Shik Chang <perky@i18n.org>

Alan Milligan <alan.milligan@last-bastion.net>

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